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Founded in July 2001, Chengdu Falcon Aircraft Engineering Service Co., Ltd has been engaged in Chinese civil aviation field for more than ten years. Adhering to the core values of “attentiveness, dedication, effciency, innovation”, By focusing on the R&D and making efforts to expand, we gradually become a comprehensive MRO that leads the development of China's aircraft modification industry and builds a famous domestic accessories maintenance brand.

After decades of hard work of all employees, our company has achieved CAAC maintenance organization certificate, JMM maintenance certificate, FAA maintenance certificate. In 2010, we obtained the DMDOR and PMA; In 2013, we achieved the CAAC PC based on the MDA design. Falcon is also the first domestic MRO company that obtaining this certificate.

Falcon has introduced the most advanced IDG, GEN test bed and comprehensive hydraulic test bed from AVTRON, as well as the comprehensive oil-gas fuel tester, latest FCU test bed and special lubricating oil pump test bed from BAUER. At present, Falcon has had the maintenance ability for power source for mainstream models, mechanical hydraulic, electrical, fuel and lubricating oil, as well as 525 items of CAAC capability (3873 part number in total), 46 items of FAA capability (265 part number in total). Meanwhile, we have gathered elites from different fields of aviation, machinery, hydraulic, electrical and structural, so as to provide customers with professional, efficient and high-quality accessories maintenance services.

Innovation is the unremitting pursuit of Falcon. With customer demands as the guideline for project research and development, our aircraft modification projects have closely followed international trends, which are the leader of domestic aircraft modification industry. Through the constant efforts and concentrated R&D of our engineering team, Falcon has completed the modification of cabin upgrade, airborne electronic system, dual set weather radar system, communication system and WIFI for several airlines at home and abroad. Meanwhile, it also develops QACVR, USB Airborne Data Loader and emergency slide anti-misload equipment, which have been fully affirmed and highly praised by customers.

Falcon always advocates the concept of “zero defect”, conducts SMS risk management, pays attentions to safety production and continues to innovate. It also establishes a wide range of cooperation with the domestic civil aviation industry, shares all kinds of rich cooperation resources with several airlines, Meanwhile, it also carries out in-depth international cooperation with relevant foreign enterprises, a vigorous Falcon is going to the world. Professional implements the dreams, innovation creates brilliance! Falcon would like to create a better future jointly with domestic and international customers and partners.

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