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would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere greetings and thanks for all the new and old customers, future partners and friends from all walks of life, as well as for all our employees who work hard, focus on R&D, and keep on progress!

Time flies! With the vigorously attention and powerful support of our shareholders and honorable customers, Falcon has passed a glorious development process during the past years. Looking back upon the past times, Falcon adheres to the enterprise spirit of “attentiveness, dedication, effciency, innovation”. All members continue to explore and focus on the R&D, so as to provide our distinguished customers with a full range of efficient and high-quality service. To our relief, Falcon has become a leading enterprise in the domestic aircraft modification industry and a star enterprise in aircraft accessories maintenance. We have completed a number of leading modification projects in China or even in the world: from the 9.3 parade, Spring Festival Gala broadcast on thousand meters to complete the installation of second set of weather radar on B757-200 through modification, which is the first case in the world. Meanwhile, we continue to strengthen our maintenance ability for aircraft power systems, hydraulic systems, fuel systems and electrical accessories. We realize the strategic planning of full coverage for dual card capacity for aircraft engine accessories and APU accessories. Falcon has achieved exciting results and won the wide praise and high recognition from customers and the field!

Looking back to the past, all sorts of feelings fill in our minds! Looking into the future, it's still a long-term, arduous task. Facing the increasingly open and fiercely competitive market, hopes and difficulties interweave, opportunities and challenges coexist. Falcon shall follow the guidance of market and take quality as the base, take innovation as the power, so as to go on a sustainable development jointly with our distinguished customers. Heading to the sea in full sail,braving the wind and the waves! In order to implement the company's vision, leading the development of China's aircraft modification industry and building a famous domestic accessories maintenance brand, we will keep on forging ahead and.

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